SPEC provides care for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years through a variety of programs designed to meet the needs of all families.

Infants (6 weeks – 12 months)

SPEC provides a clean, safe, and nurturing environment for infants to grow and reach developmental milestones. The caring teachers give the infants individual attention and interaction including singing, reading, and talking to help support the brain development that is taking place at this age. The infants are taken outdoors daily on their own separate playground. Lesson plans and activities are age-appropriate and each infant is on their own schedule and can rest, play, nap, and eat when they are ready. We provide infant formula and baby food at no additional cost, and we work with the family to introduce the infants to new foods. Each child has a safety approved crib assigned to them and sheets are changed everyday.

Toddlers (12 months-24 months)

Toddlers are very curious and eager to try new things. We provide a safe environment for them to develop, learn, and explore. Discovery is encouraged with our age appropriate lesson plans, activities, and classroom materials. The children start working on creativity through art and sensory play is introduced through various activities. In the toddler classrooms children are transitioned from cribs and high chairs to mats and child-sized tables and chairs. The energetic and patient staff help the children to feed themselves using utensils and to drink with sippy cups.

Preschool (2 years – 5 years)

Our preschool curriculum is designed to meet the developmental needs of children as they explore and learn through teacher-directed and individual activities and play. The preschool program promotes growth physically, mentally, intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Your child’s sense of curiosity, their independence, self-help, and decision making skills are encouraged and embraced by our certified teachers. As the children are ready, skills are taught and practiced to help lay the foundation that prepares them for Kindergarten.

NC Pre-K

The North Carolina Pre-K program is a nationally recognized program for eligible 4 year-old children who meet certain qualifications. SPEC collaborates with local school systems, Smart Start and the Division of Child Development and Early Education to provide this program. All families are encouraged to apply. The program runs 6.5 hours a day for 10 months, following the school calendar. Before and after school care are available for a fee. NC Pre-K has licensed and degreed teachers, approved curriculum, and small class sizes.  It is currently being offered at our Vision Drive location in Wilmington, as well as our Leland and Burgaw locations. After eligibility requirements are met, it is first come first serve so APPLY NOW at any of these three locations!

Morning Preschool

Our Morning Preschool Program is for potty-trained children ages 3-5 and follows the county school schedule. The program is similar to our full-day preschool program but only runs for 3 ½ hours per day. Parents can choose a set schedule anywhere from 2-5 days per week.

School Age Program (5 years – 12 years)

Our school age program is for children who attend elementary school and middle school. We provide transportation to some schools in the morning and from most area schools in the afternoon. The program includes both educational and fun activities each afternoon as well as full days on teacher workdays and school holidays. Homework time is offered with guidance from the teachers as well as an afternoon snack. The children in the school age program help the teachers to develop their weekly lesson plans based on what they are interested in and what they would like to do.

Summer Camp

SPEC’s Summer Camp is for children who have attended elementary school or middle school. Our thematic curriculum includes fun activities and field trips. The children stay challenged and busy with fun and interactive games, hands-on learning, experiments, group productions, off-campus trips, explorations, and creative art. The children in the Summer Camp program participate in the development of lesson plans including which activities and trips that they would like to do within the theme for each week. Summer Camp also offers the children opportunities to choose extra activities that they would like to be involved in (camp specials) where people come into the center to do workshops or teach the children about specific activities such as: scrap booking, basketball, origami, soccer, magic, etc.

Part-time and Drop In

Part-time and Drop In care can be accommodated on a space available basis only. Call for more information.


Our Locations


4308 S. 17th St.
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165 Vision Dr.
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1001 Rhodes Ave.
Burgaw, NC 28425
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111 Thomas Garst Ln.
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